Hunt Black Bear


Black Bear Hunting: Saskatchewan and British Columbia

Saskatchewan Black Bear: May through early June, regular drive-in price $3400 - remaining 2019 openings discounted to just $2900.

Our Saskatchewan spring bear hunts are based out of a comfortable cabin/lodge, with home cooked meals.  We offer a drive in package price of $3400 $2900 pp which includes meals, guides, tags & taxes.  These are pretty relaxed hunts, conducted over bait, from stands that are accessible by truck and/or ATV.  Opportunity rates are very high (essentially 100%) but, as always, the big ones are smart… so it’s best to be lucky as well as good!  This is a great hunt for a small group, we can handle up to 6 hunters per week.  We may have openings for May 19-25, May 26-June 01 OR June 02-08.

We are located in an area of prime Black Bear habitat which gives us high bear densities, and big bear.  While we are always experimenting with new locations and hunting tactics, we have a core group of bait sites that have been hunted for decades - the bear know where they are and come back, year after year after year.  Most stands are set up for either archery or rifle hunters.  As always, the hunters who work the hardest at being quiet and still – see the biggest bears. We know, it's easier said than done. 

This is a tried and true Black Bear hunt with an experience and reliable outfitter - nothing fancy, just a good hunt.  Good food, good accomodation, excellent hunting - and good company.  We particulaly enjoy taking out 'new' bear hunters, and experiencing the thrill of their (your?) first bear hunt. 

British Columbia Black Bear-  Alaska Highway or fly-in Mountain Adventure hunts.  Aug./Sept., $5000 - $7500

British Columbia: NEW for 2019:  If you’re looking for more of an adventure, we offering Black Bear mountain hunts for the first time.  These are spot & stalk hunts in our Northern B.C. area.  At ~ ½ the price of our moose hunts, you get the full wilderness experience: fly-in, stay in one of our very rustic moose/mountain goat / stone sheep camps, and hunt for black bear that are tough and smart enough to survive in Grizzly country.  This is essentially a fly-in backpack mountain hunt - with a cabin that you can base your hunt out of.  I never said it would be easy.  Group size of 2, with an introductory fly-in package price of $7500 pp. 

We also offer Alaska Highway based hunts, conducted by truck/atv and/or canoe for $5000.  On these hunts we stay at a drive-in camp near the Alaska Highway and the Liard River Hot Springs.  This is a perfect spot & stalk hunt for a bow hunter, with great odds of getting multiple opportunities to stalk a bear.

Dates for our B.C. Hunts: August 15-24, or August 24-Sept.01.   

Hunt Black bear


If you're interested in a quality hunt with a small, family run operation, give us a call at 250-500-2717, or drop us an email: