Hunt Black bear


Welcome to Saskatchewan

In 2017, GGO decided to try something new: Spring Black Bear hunts. Jake has hunted/guided most species across western Canada, but had never really done spring bear hunts. We found a fabulous area that was operating ‘under the radar’ with a core group of repeat clients, who returned year, after year, after year. That told us about all we needed to know. We have been and are still working very closely with the former Outfitter, to learn as much as we can about his obviously successful operation.

These hunts are about as different from our BC moose hunting as it gets: We hunt out of a Drive-In Lodge with all kinds of amenities such as running water, electricity, phones, and excellent home cooked meals! This is a fun hunt, with lots of bear to be seen, and very high ‘harvest rates’. You will see bear. And we have big bear.

Most stands are set up for either archer or rifle hunters. The hunters who work the hardest at being quiet and still – see the biggest bears. We know, easier said than done.

We run four groups of ~6 hunters, from early May until early June.
The ‘all in’ price of these hunts is ~$3500 USD pp.

Call Jake or Cecilia at (250) 500-2717 to discuss booking a week for you and some friends & family.

Hunt Black bear


If you're interested in a quality hunt with a small, family run operation, give us a call at 250-500-2717, or drop us an email: