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Join us for an excellent - and affordable - Spring Bear Hunt in Saskatchewan.  We have offer a 'drive in' package for for our spring bear hunters, that includes meals, accomodation, licenses, guides and ... great bear hunting.  The remaining openings for 2019 have been discounted to just $2900 per person.

Our British Columbia area has long been known for producing BIG Canadian Moose and Stone Sheep. We have a BC moose hunting experience for everyone: rugged mountain horseback hunts, remote backpack hunts for monster moose (you’ve got to be crazy), and lake hunts for those who don’t like horses or are interested in a less physical hunt. For Stone Sheep, give us a call.

Most of our hunts are a ‘Mountain Horseback’ or a 'Lake’ hunt. Both of these options begin with a float plane flight to a remote wilderness camp. Facilities vary from simple cabins to tents. We have nothing elaborate – just a series of small hunting camps spread over some 2000 square miles. Our typical ‘group size’ is one or two hunters per camp. We can accommodate groups of 3 – by special request.

Most of our lake hunts are for moose/bear/wolf only. For mountain caribou or goats, you will need horses, and/or be prepared for some serious backpacking – which is an option.

Horseback Adventures
Horseback Adventures
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Stone Sheep (B.C.)
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If you're interested in a quality hunt with a small, family run operation, give us a call at 250-500-2717, or drop us an email: