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Where are we?

The short answer is, about 1/2 way between Fort Nelson B.C., and Watson Lake, Yukon. The Alaska Highway splits our Guide-Territory in half, where it runs parallel to the Liard River, north and west of the Liard Hot Springs.

How do you get here?

If driving, all you need to do is find the beginning of the Alaska Highway and drive north to Muncho Lake. Most of our hunts start in a float plane, flying north out of Muncho Lake, towards the Yukon.

Alternatively, you can fly to Fort Nelson B.C. We will arrange for transport from Fort Nelson to the float plane base.

Flying to Fort Nelson:

We recommend working with a travel agent that understands the logistics of flying into Fort Nelson. This will also allow you to change your entire itinerary, with a single phone call, should the need arise.

Where to Stay:

If flying, we recommend that you arrive in Fort Nelson one to two days in advance of your hunt. This allows some flexibility in dealing with the weather and/or lost luggage, etc. You will probably fly to camp from Muncho Lake Lodge. We recommend, if the ‘logistics’ allow, that you stay there:

Muncho Lake Northern Rockies Lodge, 1-250-776-3481. The lodge is located about 3 hours north of Fort Nelson, near our guide-territory. It is a beautiful place to stay.

If you fly in late and/or leave early in the day, you may need to spend a night in Fort Nelson.

Travel Insurance:

We highly recommend all clients purchase travel insurance & trip cancellation policies.


ALL TRAVELERS entering Canada will need a valid passport.


Firearms Information 1-800-731-4000
It is not difficult to bring a rifle into Canada. You must fill out the proper forms (preferably before you arrive at the border), pay a fee (approximately $50), and ensure that you sign the forms at the border, not before you arrrive.
*Do not bring any pistols
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