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Gunson Guiding & Outfitting

Where are we?
The short answer is, about 1/2 way between Fort Nelson B.C., and Watson Lake, Yukon.  Our guide-territory is bisected by the Alaska Highway, where it runs parallel to the Liard River, north and west of the Liard Hot Springs.   

How do you get here?
If driving, all you need to do is find the beginning of the Alaska Highway and drive north, to the bridge over the Liard River.  Our Highway Camp, is on the south side of the Bridge. The Liard Hot Springs, are just across River. 

However, you will most likely fly to Fort Nelson B.C., where we will pick you up.  From Fort Nelson, it’s a 3 hour drive north on the Alaska Highway to our ‘highway camp’.  This brings you to, approximately, the Middle of Nowhere.  Some adventures will start (or be based) along the Alaska Highway, but you will most likely end up on a float plane, travellilng  from the Middle of Nowhere, into the wilderness.

Flying to Fort Nelson: We recommend working with a local travel agent that understands the logistics of flying into Fort Nelson.  General information on flying into Fort Nelson can be found at:

Travel Canada works with clients traveling to Fort Nelson and they may be able to assist:
Travel Canada                                   1-877-608-3500 or call 306-978-3061

Central Mountain Air 1 888 865 8585
Connecting flights from Edmonton and Calgary for Commercial airlines
servicing Fort Nelson.

Where to Stay:

If flying, we recommend that you plan arriving in Fort Nelson one to two days both advance and after your stay with us.  This gives you (and us) some flexibility in dealing with the weather and/or lost luggage, etc.  You will most likely be flying into your camp, from Muncho Lake Lodge, and we recommend if the ‘logistics’ allow, that you stay there: 

Muncho Lake Northern Rockies Lodge, 1-250-776-3481.  The lodge is located about 3 hours north of Fort Nelson, near to our guide-territory, and most of our flights depart from their float plane base.  It is a beautiful place to stay, and we would be happy to put together a package that includes accomodation at the lodge.

If you fly in late and/or leave early in the day, you may need to stay in Fort Nelson.  Options there include:

Woodlands Inn                     250 774-6669   Fort Nelson
Super 8                                     250 233-5025   Fort Nelson

Travel Insurance:

We highly recommend all clients purchase travel insurances do to unforeseen
events & trip cancellation policies.

Travel Guard International 1 (866) 877-3241

ALL TRAVELERS entering Canada will need a valid passport.

Firearms Information                                                        1-800-731-4000
All clients must register firearms before bringing them into Canada.  You should fill
out the form before arriving at the airport to save time, the cost of registering is
approx $50.00 payable at the airport.
*Do not bring any pistols
Web Site:

Canada Border Crossing Services 1-800-438 -7020
Lucy Perillo