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Current Specials

Current (2014) Hunt Specials:

It is time for us to fill our last openings for 2014. This is best pricing you’re likely to see for remote wilderness hunts in the far north of British Columbia. Fly to a remote camp and hunt with horses or with boats, for true trophies. Photos on our website speak for themselves.

Sept. 02-11:  (Cancelation hunt) Goat – Moose combo:  2×1 Mountain Horseback  $4,900 pp with $2,500 harvest fee per animal.
Sept 15-24:  Moose - Caribou combo: 1×1 Mountain Horseback; regular price discounted to $9,500
Sept 24- Oct.03: Moose 1×1 Lake $11,500 $9,500
Oct.04-Oct.11:  Moose / Black Bear:  1×1 River hunt by CANOE $8,500
- GRIZZLY BEAR - may be available on a harvest fee basis.

• Goat/Moose hunt is a horseback hunt. Primary species is goat, but you should be prepared to run into a big bull moose.
• Moose/Caribou combo is a horseback hunt. Primary species is moose. For moose only, no horses required.
• I have one Mountain Grizzly tag available for 2014. This is a rare opportunity to hunt this species on a harvest fee basis.
• If you can handle a canoe, then the October hunt might be what you’re looking for. There is no air charter associated with this hunt, which probably makes it the ‘best value’ hunt, for the right person.  Call for details.
• Air Charter  of $1500 (not required for canoe hunt), licenses, tags, taxes & NRHPF not included in prices.

Jake & Cecilia Gunson,
(250) 500-2717

Hunting with Gunson Guiding & Outfitting

Muncho Moose 2013 Winter Issue Mountain Hunter Magazine


Hunting with GGO:

While we specialize in custom hunts for BIG Canadian Moose, we have something for everyone: rugged mountain horseback hunts, remote backpack hunts for monster moose (you’ve got to be crazy), and simple, comfortable fly-in cabin based lake hunts for those who don’t like horses and/or are interested in a less physical hunt.  So, it’s time to take dad or grandpa, or maybe your 14 year old nephew – on a world class hunt.

All of our hunts can be customized to meet your personal objectives and the demands of your schedule and budget.

Stone Sheep:

We have a very limited number of Stone Sheep Tags, very good sheep, and exceptionally good success rates.  All Stone Sheep hunts are guided by the Outfitter.  Ask around – you won’t get that guarantee very often.  Now booking for 2014.  Please call for details.

Spring Bear: (May15th to June 15th)

We offer a fabulous Spot and Stalk package for bow hunters.  Stay in a comfortable lodge and hunt off of the Alaska Highway by truck or quad.  The Liard Hot Springs provide a unique twist on this hunt – there is no better place to relax after a day of hunting.

We also provide mountain hunts by horseback.  Glass the south slopes of the mountains where the bear are out on the first green shoots.  What makes this hunt so interesting is the other wildlife you will also see.

Traditional ‘mixed bag’ Horseback Hunts:   (August 14th to Sept 15th)

Hunting by horseback under warm summer sky’s riding through knee deep grass in high mountain basins.  Spike out with a pack string or return to a comfortable cabin at the end of the days hunting.  Our clients like this hunt - because it’s fun: nice weather, beautiful country, and long forgiving days.

  • August 14th to August 23rd          moose, caribou
  • August 19th to 28th                        moose, caribou, goat opening on 25th
  • August 28th to Sept 6th                 moose, caribou, goat
  • Sept 6th to 15th,                              moose, caribou, mountain goat, grizzly, black bear

Late Season Horseback Hunts   (Sept 15th to Oct 15th)

Mountain horseback hunts: the frost is on the ground and the moose and caribou are in rut.  We hunt from cabins and spike camps through the snow covered mountain basins.  This is our most popular hunt; the game is moving, and with horses can you can cover some country.

  • Sept 15th to Sept 24th                    moose, caribou, goat, grizzly single
  • Sept 24th to Oct 3rd                        moose, caribou, goat, grizzly (caribou close on Oct 1st)
  • Oct 3rd to Oct 12th                          moose, goat, grizzly

Lake or River Boat Moose Hunts (Sept 15th to Oct 15th)

These are hunts that anyone can enjoy.  Practice your calling and check the shore for tracks in the warm afternoon sun (or snow).  If you want a ‘relaxing’ hunt, you can take an afternoon nap in the tent or cabin – if you are more active, you can walk the moose trails around back eddy’s and swamps looking for fresh rut pits and trees that have been ripped up by a Big Bull Moose.   You may also have a shot at a wolf or black bear – and if you’re interested in fishing…

  • Sept 15th to Sept 24th                 moose, black bear, wolf, grizzly
  • Sept 24th to Oct 3rd                     moose, black bear, wolf, grizzly
  • Oct 3rd to Oct 12th                       moose, black bear, wolf, grizzly


We have a small elk herd that has rarely been hunted.  The plan for 2012 is to find them.  We will bring one hunter with us - just in case we find the big one.  As this is a hunt with no ‘history’ – the price will be skewed towards a harvest fee.  If you are interested in joining us on a bit of an adventure – call for details.    Season dates are Sept 01 to Sept. 10.