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Where we are located

Our Saskatchewan hunting area is located about a 3 hour drive Northeast of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. While our Base Camp is not road-accessible, most of our hunters drive to our ‘staging’ area, where we meet, and provide transport (by 4WD, ATV, and boat), for the last 10 miles, into our Base Camp.

Most of our Black Bear and Whitetail hunts are conducted, by boat and/or ATV, from the Base Camp.
We have a secondary camp, a further 10 miles downstream, where we can (on request) arrange to do a limited number of deer and bear hunts, however the second camp is primarily used for moose hunting.

We hunt moose from our Base Camp, however our moose hunting area is much larger than our exclusive deer and bear hunting territory – our moose hunting area is almost 1000 square miles – and most of it is simply too far from the Base Camp. So our moose hunts are done from a variety of different locations – Base Camp, Secondary Camp, and temporary tent camps that we set up as required.

Amenities at the Base Camp:

– Wi-fi (via Sattelite)
– Hot showers
– Heated (wood stoves) log cabins to sleep in.
– Cook shack/kitchen/dining room for meals. Meals are provided during the hunt.

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Please note

Through the summer and fall we will not have regular access to e-mail or phone service. If you need to contact us, leave a message at (250) 500-2717, and we will return your call as soon as we are able to.


(250) 500-2717

Active member of:

Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters
Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia