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British Columbia and Saskatchewan Hunting Trips

British Columbia Hunting

Moose, Caribou, Goat, Sheep & Black Bear

Our hunts are all in remote wilderness and done with horses, small boats, canoes and/or ATVs. We usually run 1×1 hunts with a maximum of 2 hunters in camp. Many of our camps are only used for 10 days, every year or two, and virtually all of our hunting is done in areas that are inaccessible to resident hunters. Our facilities are rustic and there are few developed or maintained trails in our area. Most camps are accessed by float plane, and it is very difficult to ‘get around’ on the ground.

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Saskatchewan Hunting

Whitetail, Moose & Bear

Gunson Guiding & Outfitting has specialized in providing top-quality wilderness hunting adventures throughout Canada since 2001.

Our Saskatchewan hunting camp is in a true wilderness area where we can hunt whitetail deer, moose, and black bear, all in the same area. Our exclusive whitetail and bear outfitting areas run along both sides of the Torch River for about 20 miles. With limited ATV access along one side of the river and absolutely no access to the other side, we have the place to ourselves. Our comfortable old trappers camp is on the ‘far’ side of the river; complicating access somewhat as the river needs to be crossed, but it provides a unique hunting getaway for small groups of 4-6 hunters.

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Horseback Adventures

Whitetail, Moose & Bear

We offer one or two week horseback adventures in the northern Rocky Mountains. Our trips are based out of our mountain camps that we access by float plane. That’s right – you fly-in to camp where the horses will meet you. This pretty much guarantees that you will not encounter anyone from the ‘outside’ during your stay with us.

This is an exclusive adventure for those looking to experience absolute wilderness. We can tailor your trip to your interests, including, but not limited to Wildlife/Wildflower Photography, Backcountry Horse Skills, Fishing, and much more.

Who we are

About Gunson
Guiding &

Experienced and Professional Canadian Hunting Outfitters Owned and Operated by Jake and Cecilia Gunson.

Jake grew up with horses, and has been hunting moose since the age of 12.

He has more than 30 years of experience guiding in Manitoba, Alberta, B.C., the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. Cecilia grew up hunting, fishing and camping with her family in the Northwest Territories.​

We started guiding together in a sheep camp, in the Yukon, back in 1997. We first started outfitting in 2001 with an archery-only whitetail outfit in Manitoba. After several years, we decided to move on to different opportunities; Jake as an Environmental Scientist, and Cecilia as an Occupational Therapist. But it didn’t work – we could not get the outfitting bug out of our system. In 2011, we decided it was time to get back to the life that we love. We started hunting for a remote wilderness guide-territory, with top quality game. ​

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Moose Hunting

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