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Gunson Guiding & Outfitting has over 30 years of experience in the guide-outfitting industry and operates two hunting territories that provide about 3000 sq miles of excellent Moose hunting in Canada.

As full-time owner-operators, Jake and Cecilia work to customize every hunt to best meet your hunting objectives. Our Canadian guided wilderness hunts are not for everyone, and we speak with each client to make sure you know exactly what to expect before you book your hunt.

A critical part of any Canadian outfitting excursion is the guide. We pride ourselves on having some of the best hunting guides in Canada on our team. Our hunting guides are seasoned professionals who live and breathe life in the bush. From your top-quality hunting guide to your horse wranglers and support crew, your team will show up ready to work and give you the ultimate Canadian hunting experience.

Guided Hunts in Canada

Our territory in British Columbia is roughly 2000 sq miles of pure wilderness located in the Northern tip of the Rocky Mountains. With our location on the BC-Yukon border, you can hunt some of the best Canadian moose and stone sheep in the country. Our territory is also home to mountain caribou, mountain goat, and plenty of bears. Most hunters will fly-in to camp on a float plane. Though we do run some spring bear hunts right off the Alaskan highway.

Northern BC Canada Moose:

Hunt BIG moose along the BC-Yukon border. These Moose are among the biggest Canadian Moose in Canada. GG Outfitting offers you a wide range of Moose hunts that are customized to your specific hunting objectives: horseback, boat, canoe and/or ATV hunts are all available from our remote fly-in camps.

Stone Sheep:

In our opinion, Stone Sheep hunting is the most physically and mentally challenging hunt in North America. You need to be ready. The quality of our rams is exceptional, and they are hard to get.

Mountain Caribou:

 Hunt Mountain Caribou on horseback out of our high mountain camps. The caribou numbers in our guide territory are stable, and you have the opportunity to hunt quality bulls. Although the Caribou tend to be overshadowed by the exceptional quality of GG Outfitting’s Moose hunting, we like to run a couple of Caribou hunts each year.

Mountain Goat:

Hunt high-quality goats that live in really tough spots. You need to be able to climb up the mountain to get where the goats are, or you will not get one. GG Outfitting takes a limited number of goat hunters per year, catering specifically to hunters looking for an extreme wilderness hunting adventure.


 Wolf tags are available on all BC hunts.

Black Bear:

Choose between a spot & stalk hunt along the Alaska Highway, or a fly-in mountain horseback hunt. These hunts are as much about the wilderness experience as they are about the hunting, and it’s the most economical way to experience a northern mountain horseback hunt.​

Elk, Mule Deer, and Whitetail Deer:

While GG Outfitting is licensed to hunt these species in BC–we don’t. The habitat for these species so far north is marginal, so the quality and quantity of elk and deer in our BC Guide Territory do not meet our outfitting standards.

Grizzly Bear:

Closed in all of British Columbia.

Canadian Guided Hunts

Our territory in Saskatchewan is roughly 1000 sq miles. Located deep in the woods at an old trapper’s camp, 10 miles past the end of the road and across a river. With virtually no outside hunting pressure, your opportunities here are excellent. Our bucks can live their life without ever encountering a human, and they get BIG.

Canadian Moose:

The moose you hunt at our Saskatchewan territory are typical Canadian Moose, though our hunting methods are non-typical. Most of our SK Canadian moose hunts are pretty serious river/canoe-based wilderness hunts, that go long on the adventure and excitement of the hunt. We are hunting for 40”-50” bulls, and we get them. 

Whitetail Deer:

 The Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer you will hunt are Northern Bush Deer. Their huge bodies often make the antlers look small. Most of the whitetail bucks harvested carry heavy, dark, 5×5 antlers, often with the tips shined up a bit by the brush. This is a high opportunity Canadian wilderness hunt, and the hardest part may be passing on the 120-130 class deer that you may need to let go before the big one shows up.

Black Bear:

 If you’re looking for a comfortable wilderness camp where you can hunt big black bear, then give Jake a call. The river running through GG Outfitting’s Saskatchewan hunting area provides excellent habitat that draws the bear in from miles away. This is another Canadian wilderness adventure hunt–getting to and from camp and your hunting locations will involve boats, ATVs, and probably some flying mud!

Between both exceptional locations we can offer you an incredible variety of customized Canadian hunting excursions. Despite our huge territories, we offer a very limited number of hunts for each species. We choose Quality over Quantity.

About Jake:

Since 1989, Jake has hunted, guided and outfitted hunts all over Northern, Western, and Central Canada, including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C., the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. He has hunted, guided and/or outfitted hunts for: Whitetail and Mule deer, Black Bear and Grizzly Bear, Stone Sheep, Dall Sheep and California Bighorns, Mountain Goat, Caribou, Elk, Antelope, Muskox, Wolves and Moose.

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