British Columbia
Moose Hunting

Hunt in Northern British Columbia for Big Canadian Moose

We specialize in 1×1 remote wilderness (fly-in) hunts, for big bull moose. Our location on the BC-Yukon border produces some of the best ‘Canadian Moose’, anywhere. You can’t get closer to an Alaska-Yukon moose hunt, without going to Alaska or the Yukon.

Northern BC Moose Hunt

If you just want to shoot a moose, this is probably not the hunt for you. If you want the full wilderness experience, and are serious about a 55″ class bull, then give us a call. We provide remote wilderness hunting adventures for big BC bull moose.

Some of our Moose hunts can be combined with mountain goat, caribou, wolf, stone sheep and/or bear. Wolf and black bear tags are offered to all moose hunters.

We run our BC moose hunts from late August through mid-October. Our British Columbia moose hunts are wilderness hunts, requiring float plane to access remote camps where we hunt with a small boat/canoe, on foot (sometimes with ATV support), and/or horses.

Most of our hunts are done with 1 hunter per camp. We do have a couple of camps that can handle 2-3 hunters at a time, for when we have a small group of hunters who would like to hunt out of the same base camp. Most of our camps are used for just one hunt a year (or less). Facilities are rustic – we have some small cabins, but often hunt from tents.

Each moose hunt has its own challenges and opportunities, but all provide a unique wilderness hunting experience in a place where you have a good chance at harvesting an excellent bull moose. It usually takes a couple of conversations with each hunter before they book to make sure that everyone gets into the right camp, with the style of hunting that will work best for them.

Our Moose Hunting Packages

Moose and/or Caribou; Wolf, Black Bear

  Aug 24 to Sept 15

Spot & stalk hunt by horseback – physically demanding hunts with high harvest rates for hunters who are tough enough. Serious mountain riding and hiking required. Great for mountain caribou/moose combinations.

Moose, Wolf, Black Bear

  Sept 15 to Oct 03
Float plane drops you on an untouched lake near the Yukon border. Pure wilderness. Usually 1 hunter per lake/year – unless you bring a friend. Cabins, tents, boat, canoe and/or ATV… we will find the right hunt for you. No need to walk or ride for miles. On these rut hunts your guide will bring (call) the moose to you. Our best archery hunts.

Moose, Wolf, Black Bear. Possible caribou option

  Sept 15 to Oct 15
Traditional northern mountain horseback hunts – during the rut. Float plane to a remote lake where you are met by your guide and horses. Load camp onto a string of pack horses and head out into the mountains. A classic northern hunting expedition.

Moose, with black bear and/or whitetail options

  Oct 01 to Oct 14

Hunt by canoe, boat and/or ATV. Cabins and/or tents. You drive to our trailhead – and we take you deep into the wilderness. Meat or trophy hunts available, we will customize the hunt for you. Excellent opportunities for a serious canoe hunting adventure.

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