Black Bear Hunting Saskatchewan, Canada

Embark on an unforgettable wilderness adventure black bear hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada, with Gunson Outfitting. Nestled in the heart of Canada’s rugged, untamed wilderness, our hunts offer an adventure for the true hunting and outdoor enthusiast.
Bear Hunting Saskatchewan

Our Spring Black Bear Hunts in Saskatchewan

Our spring black bear hunts in Saskatchewan are based out of an old-school trapper’s camp, complete with wood heated log cabins.  We offer a ‘drive-in’ package price for guided black bear hunting in Saskatchewan, which includes meals, guides, tags & taxes.  These fair-chase bear hunts are conducted over bait, from stands that are accessible some combination of river boat and/or ATV. 

Opportunity rates are high but, the big ones are smart so it’s best to be lucky as well as good! This is a great black bear hunt for a small group – we can handle up to 6 hunters per week.

Our Prime Black Bear Habitat

We are located in an area of prime black bear hunting in Saskatchewan, with high bear densities, and big bear. While we are always experimenting with new locations and tactics for, we have a core group of bait sites that have been hunted for decades – the bears know where they are and come back, year after year after year.

Most stands are set up for either archery or rifle hunters. As always, the hunters who work the hardest at being quiet and still – see the biggest bears. We know, it’s easier said than done.

Spring Bear Hunt

Setting Off on Our Black Bear Hunts in Saskatchewan

Setting Off on Our Black Bear Hunts in Saskatchewan

The 10 mile journey to our secluded base camp which can be an adventure in itself. The spring weather always surprises with variable water and mud levels: the ATV trail can be messy, and at the end of it there is the boat ride across the river to camp. Our camp, deep into the wilderness, sets the stage for an authentic, guided black bear hunt in Saskatchewan.

Our Secluded Hunting Camp

Nestled deep in the wilderness, our camp serves as the perfect base for you and a couple friends to enjoy a hunting adventure. Camp easily accommodates groups of 3-6 bear hunters which ideal for small family groups or a few friends to book the full camp and have a private hunting retreat for the week.

In camp you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere that complements the thrill of the hunt; a place to share your bear hunting stories, plan your next day’s hunt and enjoy hearty, camp-cooked meals amidst the serene Saskatchewan wilderness.

Hunting Black Bear in Saskatchewan

Each day brings a new adventure. Rise in the quiet of the wilderness, enjoy a hearty, home-cooked breakfast, and get ready for a day of bear hunting. Your guides will have pre-baited multiple sites for each hunter, and, with the help of trail cameras, will select the best stands for the day’s hunt. Your guides will drop you off at your stand early in the afternoon and pick you up in the evening – giving you as much time as you would like to sit in at the bear blind.

Our black bear hunts in Saskatchewan are active adventures, demanding a fair level of physical fitness. You’ll navigate diverse terrain, from muddy riverbanks to dense forests.

Contact Information for Black Bear Hunts in Saskatchewan

For detailed information on booking and pricing, including group discounts for black bear hunts in Saskatchewan, our team is ready to assist you in planning your ultimate Saskatchewan hunting adventure. Contact us to learn more or to book your hunting trip today.

Black Bear Hunts in Saskatchewan

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